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Hellos pequeños engendros!

Today I wanna show you the illustrations of an amazing artist from Japan!
Her style really captured my attention~ aaah It would be lovely to draw like that!

From what I have seen on her social networks, she likes old dolls and also to photograph abandoned places.
What really captures my attention is how she handles a "chibi-style " but without it looking so simple ... How to explain it, it looks simple at first sight, yes, but then you realised that it is elaborate too! weird, right?
Another thing that I must emphasize is the pastel colours she uses and the oriental touch~ in all her works.

I would definitely buy an illustration (or more than one!) of her but unfortunately the distance between Japan and Argentina is a long one ... and I do not quite know mail procedures (so sad.)

And now... here we have her artworks!:


Well, that is all for now!!

See you next time~




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