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Hello pequeños engendros!
It´s my habit to make a list of the movies and dramas that I have watched, but I usually do it at the end of the year...
It's time to change that and to make it less tedious for all that want to read a simple post of recommendatios.

Soooo I have decided to make these post recommendations every month!

Let´s start!~


Train to Busan

This movie is relatively new (from 2016) and for that reason I had already heard of it but I refused to watch it for one simple reason: zombies. YES, I HATE ZOMBIE MOVIES.The ´zombie theme´ does not go with my taste, all the movies that contain zombies are disgustingly badly made, they are boring and just... nope. I pass. But ´Train To Busan´ is a very well made movie! It does not focus as much on the zombies eating people (you know.. iugg) and it is more focused on the coexistence and survival of a group of people. Each character has its charm and personality, there are moments of suspense and the fight scenes are not THAT exaggerated. It is a movie ideal to share with friends or family members!

Train to Busan 1
Train to Busan 2
Train to Busan 3
Train to Busan 4
Train to Busan 5
Train to Busan 6

The Devil's Mistress (Lída Baarová)
This is another relatively new movie (also from 2016) but I have never heard of it. To be honest, I found it randomly on Netflix when I wanted to watch at something from the Second World War lol mmm Although this movie is set at the WWII it does not really focus on the issues of the war itself. It is focused on the life of an actress and the consequences she had when starting a romantic relationship with a Nazi. Interesting but not so amazing. Be prepared for the misery of life loool

The devils mistress 1
The devils mistress 2
The devils mistress 3
The devils mistress 4
The devils mistress 5
The devils mistress 6

Hostage to the Devil
Yep, it is also relatively new (my dear 2016 lmao) but it is more a documentary than a film itself.Very interesting, to be honest it entertained me all the time! I enjoy watching documentaries and if it is about biographies... better! Exorcism and real events? now you catch me. I want to read the book, it looks very very interesting!!

Hostage to the Devil 1
Hostage to the Devil 2
Hostage to the Devil 3
Hostage to the Devil 5
Hostage to the Devil 4

Europa Uno
mmm it was not the best movie I have ever watch but It was ok... I think. I mean, I was bored and I wanted to watch anything I could find on Netflix and there is it... I usually like futuristic and space films, so it was not THAT bad. It is not an exceptional movie but it is good to kill the time. I must also say that I hate hate hate so much the movies made with the ´found footage´type but this time it was reasonable.

Europa Uno 1
Europa Uno 2
Europa Uno 3
Europa Uno 4
Europa Uno 6

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan
Let me tell you something... I started the year watching a lot, I mean, A LOT of asian films and dramas... yeah... well, I found it on netflix and one: period film, two: Chinese customs, three: friendship and four: the hard life of women. BUT! the end tho... the end.... aaah my heart...

Snowflower and the secret fan 1
Snowflower and the secret fan 2
Snowflower and the secret fan 5
Snowflower and the secret fan 6
Snowflower and the secret fan 7
Snowflower and the secret fan 3
Snowflower and the secret fan 4
Snowflower and the secret fan 8

The Last Princess (Deokhyeongju)
This movie is based on a true story (obviously something altered) therefore I already knew what I was going to watch. Again, women were always mere objects in history, like pieces of chess... I do not have much to say about it, if you like movies with a real historical context and a little of biography, then this is for you.

deokhyeongju 1
deokhyeongju 4
deokhyeongju 5
deokhyeongju 2
deokhyeongju 3
deokhyeongju 6



Chronicle of life
Typical Chinese current drama: a beautiful woman from a rich family who establishes a romantic conection-relationship with the emperor ... and she has everyone delighted with her beauty and intelligence. Plus other jealous and envious women at the harem that are bad bad girls with our protagonist, and many crazy things happen. Nothing new... In my defence, I did not watch a Chinese drama for a few years now. Well, the end was terrible (as usual haha) I was not (yes, you was) expecting the sad ending between the couple.

Chronicle of life 2
Chronicle of life 4
Chronicle of life 3
Chronicle of life 5
Chronicle of life 1

What She Put on the Table
A taiwanese mini-series that you can found on Neflix. I can not say much because I have not finished it yet! I was very surprised that the main theme is the cooking! when you start to watch it, it seems like a typical period drama of the differences between a rich woman and a poor woman (with some romance, obviously) but well, it is something else!

What she put on the table 1
What she put on the table 2
What she put on the table 3
What she put on the table 4
What she put on the table 5

Hwang Jini
A very short korean drama (only 24 episodes!) about a famous gisaeng! The main actress is my lovely Ha Ji Won~ You know, dance, dresses, fights and romance in between bla bla blah

Hwang Jini 1
Hwang Jini 2
Hwang Jini 4
Hwang Jini 3
Hwang Jini 5

Desperate Love
Remember the chinese drama ´Chronicle of life´? Well... the same sh*t! ahahaha sorry guys...

Desperate love drama 1
Desperate love drama 4
Desperate love drama 6
Desperate love drama 3
Desperate love drama 2
Desperate love drama 5

Dong Yi
Finally!! a drama with a happy ending... I mean, I am not really a fan of happy ending but watching a lot of drama with sad (and bad) endings make me feel more depressed than usual lol The story is a basic one, a poor servant girl and a King. Ta-dah! yeah... well... do not judge me.

dongyi 1
dongyi 3
dongyi 4
dongyi 2
dongyi 6
dongyi 5

The Empress of China
And the last one! I wanted to watch it so bad!! The story is the same sh*t as in Chronicles of life and Desperate love LMAO but I loved looooved the choice of costumes !!! and extra points because of Fan Bingbing~

Empress of China 1
Empress of China 3
Empress of China 4
Empress of China 7
Empress of China 2
Empress of China 6
Empress of China 5

That´s all for now!
See you next month?




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