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Hello pequeños engendros!
Today I want to write about China-kei.
China-kei is basically a kawaii style inspired by traditional chinese clothing~ as simple as that :D
It was ´created´ by young chinese/japanese designers-internet idols who want to show (and why not spread) the love for both cultures (Japanese & Chinese culture) in the world (^-^)/
As easy as that!

☯🌿 Chinese Lolita (Qi Lolita)
chinese lolita 15
With the new trend (a long time ago...) of the Qi Lolita or Chinese Lolita, it was the first time in which Japanese and Chinese style mixed together!
However, it is very difficult and weird to find this sub-style of Lolita Fashion to be used. I do not really know why because omg it is my favourite sub-style of Lolita (after Classic and Gothic Lolita)

qi lolita 1
I mean look at those dresses! You would look so elegant and feminine at the same time without doubts.

☯🌿 Appearances in art
There are few (but still are) original drawings that can influence the China-kei (I mean I am not sure but maybe why not)

☯🌿 Hair & shoes
china kei 27
The key to this style are the accessories.
china kei 25
The most common hairstyle is two cute little buns (like Serena Tsukino) and to wear simple flat shoes, although some people decide to use platform or flip-flops as well.
There is a lot of chinese hair accessories! you can do the hairstyle you want but the accessories are a must!

china kei 9
china kei 4

☯🌿 Chinese Tomboy Style
china kei 32
As this style is about Chinese clothing, we can find many girls wearing outfits inspired by the traditional Chinese dress worn by men (Changshan)
china kei 11

☯🌿 Online Stores
You can find several clothes for this style in pages as AliExpress or Taobao! Mainly in Taobao, believe me.
A clear example is the Taobao brand ´To Alice´


☯🌿 FZL/Net Idols
Many who use this style are internet personalities.
Also, some of them are designers, others only sell clothes online, models or icons of Japanese fashion//street fashion.
Do not forget the Chinese Net Idols (Fei Zhu liu) there are a lot of them and they are well recognized too.
An example I can think about at the moment is Ruby Gloom
(https://www.instagram.com/Weegirlsclub )

This style is not very recognized, I can dare to say that almost is non-existent lol but the fun part is that it has no specific rules! You can wear anything you want while giving it an oriental Chinese style ;)

As usual, I will leave some examples of what I consider as China-Kei:


china kei 7
china kei 21
china kei 20
china kei 36
china kei 19
china kei 39
china kei 18
china kei 2
china kei 28
china kei 42
china kei 41
china kei 22
china kei 3
china kei

You can find more images here: http://chinakei.tumblr.com

That´s all!




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