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Hello little engendros!
This time I want to show you my collection of Little Girls' Perfumes & Babies´Colognes~

For a long time I have liked fragrances for the smallest creatures~~~~ The aroma that is usually thought when we talk about a baby or a child is of simply innocence and sweetness. A fresh, sweet, simple and adorable scent.

Since the last year (2016) I thought about starting to collect the bottles of perfumes that I find too cute and pleasant, both aesthetically pleasing and pleasing to my smell sense.
From that point on, most of the fragrances I use are categorized for infants.

My plan is to make this entry in three parts because I have many perfumes and I don´t want it to be something long and tedious to read.

I almost forgot to mention, all the perfumes that I will show you are made in and sold in Argentina, I have no idea if you can find them in other countries.

Nothing more to add, so let's get started!


Petit Enfant by Saint Julien
petit enfant 0

I'll start with my favorite so far. First of all, the presentation is very beautiful! It looks angelical ~ The aroma is soft as any other baby cologne, but it has a subtle sweet and fine citrus touch at the same time.
There are several products of this brand: from colognes, bath sets and gift sets.
petit enfant 9
I chose a set to give away, supposedly a gift set for baby´s birth, which contains a small bottle of cologne, a shampoo and a baby powder.

petit enfant 7
petit enfant 2
petit enfant 3
Personally I recommend it, the aroma is very lovely. The only disadvantage is that the bottle is very small for an adult, for a baby there is no problem! since these colognes are made especially for a newborn, so it will last longer on a baby's skin than of an adult .

petit enfant 10
petit enfant 11
petit enfant 15
petit enfant 16
petit enfant 20
petit enfant 18
petit enfant 19
petit enfant 14
petit enfant 12
petit enfant 13
petit enfant 17

My Little Danielle by Fragancias Cannon
( http://www.fraganciascannon.com)
my little danielle 0

This is my second favorite baby cologne and the one I use daily.
Unlike the first colony, the content of this one does not empty easily. What adds extra points to this product is the metal can! Once you finish using the content, the can could be used to put away many things as for example accessories (I put my glasses in mine)
For my 22nd birthday, my sister gave me the bath set! A larger can containing the cologne, a soap and a shampoo that I really really loved.
To be honest there are not much variety of products regarding My Little Danielle

my little danielle 6
my little danielle 7
my little danielle 8
It contains a delicate fruity floral fragrance, a combination of petitgrain, orange blossom and sweet orange with soft touches of vanilla and amber.
my little danielle 1
my little danielle 5
my little danielle 3
my little danielle 4
my little danielle 2

Johnson Baby 1

I could not miss this colony!JOHNSON´S is a brand recognized worldwide and it has a serious variety of products, from colognes, bath products (shampoo, soaps, swabs), to baby's skin care (wet towels, cream, lotions, oils)
Johnson Baby 10
Johnson Baby 11
My favorite cologne is the pink one! It's sweet but without being tedious and strong!
Johnson Baby 6
Johnson Baby 7
Johnson Baby 8
Johnson Baby 9
There are a wide variety of products of this brand to choose from!

Johnson Baby 4
Johnson Baby 5
Johnson Baby 2
Johnson Baby 3

Mujercitas by Fragancias Cannon
mujercitas 1

This perfume is something special because it is my childhood perfume !! The scent brings me back many memories of when I was just a little girl.
There are only five Mujercitas products, I have only tried the original one, the deodorant and the modern version Mujercitas Sunny:

mujercitas 8
mujercitas 6
mujercitas 7
The original version is made of ardennes, roses, jasmine and lilies, along with amber and musk.
mujercitas 2
mujercitas 3
While the modern version is made of a cocktail of fruits among white flowers, amber and vanilla.
mujercitas 5
mujercitas 4

Coqueterias Flowers

coqueterias flowers 1
And the last perfume is another one with a fruity aroma! A citrus fantasy in the middle of a secret flower garden.~~
coqueterias flowers 2
coqueterias flowers 3

AAAnd that´s all for now!
See u next time with the part II ~




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