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Hello little engendros! this time I want to develop a topic that I really like: uniforms.
I have an almost obsession with everything related with uniforms lol and that´s because I see uniforms in an aesthetic way but also from the attitudinal point of view, the feeling or attitude that gives the uniform.

Unfortunately, I've never been in a private school (or a state school but privately run) so I never had the opportunity to wear a uniform... no wait, I´m lying. Yes, I remember now! Here in Argentina we have the famous white uniform for primary school, a some kind laboratory coat. Yeah, nothing really exceptional.
But personally I was comfortable using it! Mainly because I should not worry about choosing my outfits without looking homeless haha I mean with school uniforms you don't have to wear something new everyday because they look exactly the same so you don't have to do much washing like you would with regular clothes.
Also because of my eating disorder when I was a child it was very useful to hide my body. sad but true.

Ok now I will get to the point!
My plan is to make entries about school uniforms around the world. I'll start with the uniform that was used in the Soviet Union!



In 1948 the use of uniforms in educational institutions became compulsory. Before 1920, uniforms were only for the privileged people, usually pupils of religious institutions and they were from the aristocraticy.The lower class was not included.
Russian school uniform 1912
Russian aristocratic girls
before 19187 s

Then in 1960 there was a change to the school uniform thanks to the Soviet Union.The changes that occur in the life of people at that time also manifest in the school life of children. The first change was the implementation of a new uniform!
inexpressive clothing of gray or black colour gave way to a brighter models of blue and brown wool uniforms.



The use of uniform aims to form a true patriot, which is characterized by high moral principles.
School uniforms from the Soviet Union were not only to teach the child the importance of to be neat and the discipline, it also didn´t want to show class differences, because all children were seen as the same regardless of their economic situation.

Soviet Kindergartens
usrr students 8

ussr uniforms 1
ussr uniforms 6

~For Girls~
usrr girl in uniform 2

Daily uniform for girls was a brown dress and an apron. The apron was black for every day, and white for holidays and special occasions.
schoolgirl uniform urrs fdfgdf
The dress had white, often lacy or trimmed with lace, collar and cuff covers. The white collar and cuff covers were removable (they were sewn on with a running stitch), and usually removed, laundered and sewn back on twice in a week or weekly.
schoolgirl uniform urrs
schoolgirl uniform urrs 2
The school girl uniform was introduced in 1948 and it has a style similar to the clothes that students of pre-revolutionary school used. Also the dress was made for the daily use (yep, because of that they included the apron)
For secondary school girls the uniform needed to be under the knees, and to being as short as the modern ones was absolutely prohibited.

usrr girl in uniform 1
usrr girl in uniform 6
usrr girl in uniform 3

~For Boys~
boyus-uniform s

Boy’s uniform was a blue suit, trousers, a single breasted jacket made of wool and a white shirt to wear under the jacket. Sometimes the boy’s uniform suits also came in brown.

I don´t have much to say about boys´ uniform because my interest is on the girls´uniform instead.

The last thing I have to mention is that in the Soviet Union, students weren´t allowed to change their aparience. It means nothing of dye the hair colour, no piercings, no nothing. They were punished for that.
They were very exigent to the aparience.

chilcren ussr group

~The Hairstyle~
modern times usrr uniform 10

Boys had to cut their hair and it was obligatory.
Girls had to have a minimalist and clean style, with simple hairstyle and nothing excessive because they used an organza/organdí white hair bow that was quite big. They could also choose to use two braids, two pigtails or a simple ponytail but almost never loose hair.

usrr girl in uniform 5
Kids in the Soviet Union


In the 1980s, uniforms were added to secondary school.
hight students ussr
Another innovation at that time was the introduction of trousers for school girls that could be worn in winter and in summer as a sportswear.
sportswear uniform
Also they introduced the famous and iconic pioneer uniforms. The pioneer uniform was characterized by a red tie on the neck. If you're wondering, Pioneers were like Scouts... you know, social activities and the insignias.

young pioneers uniform cc
young pioneers uniform5
young pioneers uniform 00
usrr high students 2


The school uniform was abolished in the 1990s, leaving schools to decide for themselves what their students should wear.
Some schools have consequently introduced their own uniforms, while others only recommend to wear it to primary and secondary school students.
Still, some schools have totally opted out of any uniform, requiring their students to adhere to a business dress code. A number of schools don’t mind jeans but insist that students at least looked tidy.
The standard school uniform in Russia was canceled in 1992. It means that brown dresses for school girls and navy-blue suits for boys disappeared in the early 1990s.
After the collapse of the Soviet Union the very opportunity to go to school wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt looked like a sure sign of new, free society. The cancellation of the uniform was as a way of expressing freedom and to stop that image of ´soldiers´ that are all look alike.
Now some schools have already introduced their own uniform.
Most insist that their students should stick to an official business-like dress-code and just look decent in other ways. Some recommend uniform for elementary school students.

modern times usrr uniform dsfsrd
modern times usrr uniform 0cfhc

LAST BELL (Последний звонок)
last bell 999

Every year at the end of May russian students celebrate their graduation in primary school, and this is called "the final bell" festival, both male and female students dressed, and the costumes, refers to the Soviet uniforms.
Also It’s common for girls to wear extra-short dresses and consciously kitschy bows and knee socks (these would not have been worn past 4th grade or so) for the celebrations.

modern times usrr uniform 00000
last bell 666

modern times usrr uniform 000

There have been many debates about school uniform in Russia.
For the Russians, the school uniform means are important in the life of the students.
Uniform is regarded as a means to discipline children and to bridge income inequality between their families. So adopting a mandatory uniform policy would promote that.
School students who have got accustomed to wearing the same uniform, say that it improves discipline, bolsters unity and helps make better academic progress.
For them, from the psychological standpoint school uniform has tremendous resources.
But I´m not gonna lie, there are still people who oppose to this idea of the uniform saying that it´s a sign of the traditionalist way of teaching and the authoritarianism.


School uniforms make a comeback in Russia as an idea of restoring standart soviet school uniform that was canceled in 1992. This idea was supported by the Russian President Vladimir Putin, school students, parents and teachers.
The news has immediately divided Russian society over the possible comeback of this Soviet school attribute, which has witnessed many changes throughout its history.
While experts and politicians are debating whether or not to introduce compulsory soviet school uniform, designers are already proposing their ideas.

modern times usrr uniform cfgfh


There were many critics about the use of the Soviet uniform to the secondary school.
Although the uniform is similar to that of a maid, it is not a dirty dress (Sexy Role Play Costume.)
The problem is the furor of ´Lolita´ as content of sexualualization to the minor (I don´t mean the Nymphet Fashion that I wrote some time ago: http://herzsmaragd.blog138.fc2.com/blog-entry-747.html )
The true is that the design of the USSR school uniform is inspired by the traditional dress of the standard European dress.
schoolgirls 1880

There are some differences between Soviet women's uniforms and modern maid outfit:
Soviet women's uniforms are generally from the back of the mouth, very few openings, they are long sleeved dress and generally receive collar neck, rather than cut.
Also I have to mention that the old style school uniform of the USSR were more conservative (all that is old style is obviously conservative but well I´m mentioning it anyways lol)



The Soviet style uniforms have also deeply affected by the other socialist countries.
For example:

East Germany





Well, that´s all for now!
Next time I want to introduce the japanese school uniform! ♪(o・ω・)ノ))♪(/・ω・)/ ♪




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