Día del Veterano y de los Caídos en la Guerra de Malvinas.

What really being patriotic? Is worth dying for it?
Those are questions I always ask myself every time this date comes up.

On April 2, 1982, Argentina and the British would begin an eternal battle of hatred that until today is unfortunately still in force
I don´t want to start with those stupidities like who belongs to whom, or who is right or not, I will point out the fact of corruption in governments and the clear resistance to peace.

The power blind us, the lies leave consequences and the people die without second chances in their life.

My neighbor is a veteran of the Falklands. Do you know how old he was when he was sent to the war? at 18 years old. He was only 18 years old, so young and inexperienced! Can you imagine?
At that age I remember having problems of all kinds thanks to the well-known adolescence. one at that age is so inexperienced in many things and has so much to learn.
He told me once, he has lost many comrades in that war, a lot of them had many future plans. He survived but he couldn't sleep for a day without thinking about the horror he had to see there.

The war took the lives of many people, including officers, non-commissioned officers and, above all, young teenagers. it has also left mutilations, wounds and psychological sequels that led to the suicide as a last resort.

Currently the tension between Argentina and the United Kingdom continues to exist ...

When will be the day that they leave the hatred and the resentment ?, Don't they learn of all the wars that there were in the world?
War is paid by innocent people, and not by people of power. It is unfair and unnecessary in many cases. The human being is blinded every time they want power, they leave humility and humanity aside, and they are capable of anything, as it was years ago in Argentina that the government said that we were winning the war when those young boys died of cold, of hunger and from gunshot.

I'm Argentinian but my heart is divided in two: Argentina and the UK. The two are incredible places, with a lot of culture and traditions, each different and unique in its aspect.

This day we remember the Veterans and the Fallen in the Falkland/Malvinas War, both for Argentine and English veterans. It also recalls the corruption, the lies to the people and the fire of hatred that for the moment saddly it hasn´t been extinguished.

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