Día Nacional de la Memoria por la verdad y justicia. 41aniversario del golpe de Estado en Argentina, 1976-83.

5 years ago I met a sweet & old lady and while we were drinking tea and eating biscuits she often shared with me her lifestories. I really enjoyed listening to her.
The lady told me once when she was 17 and how she spent that time in her life.
I always noticed her voice… the pain and the impotence, like remembering a nightmare.

She was only a highs chool student like many of her friends and classmates… Those who disappeared forever.
Her eyes were somewhat wet every time because she asked to herself: What would be of them today if they were alive?
Maybe some of them would have continued to study in the university, others might only work, travel, or have children… but they didn´t have the opportunity to fulfil their goals and dreams.

On March 24, 1976, Argentina suffered a coup d'état.
It was one of the many darktimes in Argentina that left a deep pain in the people and in the future generations.
After so many times we remember… we must remember!! And never forget!!

Remember is not the only thing we should do, we also must ask for justice! For those tortured students, for those teachers that had the courage to speak with the truth and they paid the consequences with the death and for those young mothers who were separated from their babies and their relatives.
The crimes committed should not be unpunished. The same with those who participated and were direct or indirect accomplice of many inhuman actions, broken dreams and broken families.

Día Nacional de la Memoria por la verdad y justicia. 41° aniversario del golpe de Estado en Argentina, 1976-83.
Para que nunca más vuelva a pasar! Para que esos nietos desaparecidos vuelvan a sus abuelas, y esas madres que nunca pudieron conocer a sus hijos descansen en paz.



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