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Hello pequeños engendros!
I've been busy these days but today is Saturday so I decided to take the time to make an entry~
If you have read the title probably your face is some kind of wtf
First, I'll clarify something. I'm not a religious person, I don´t believe in a God or anything similar.
I wrote something related to religion and my personal opinion. If you want to read it just go ahead!: http://herzsmaragd.blog138.fc2.com/blog-entry-910.html

Although I'm not a believer, movies or series related to religions or anything related to Catholicism, Judaism or the Islam entertain me a lot and I'm not reluctant to no watch them just because I don´t have the same beliefs.

Making myself clear, now I want to show you one movie and three tv series about popes!

1- Karol: A Man Who Became Pope.

Karol 2

This is a documented biography-style tv miniserie with two parts.
I love biographies! Telling about people and what was in their lives It´s something magical for me. I really enjoy them and it´s impossible not to watch a movie or serie that tell the story of a person's life.

´Karol´is about the life of Karol Józef Wojtyła, most known as the pope John-Paul II.
The first part (Karol: a man who became pope) tells from his youth as a writer, actor, and athlete in war-torn occupied Poland to his election as Pope at the age of 58.
The second part (Karol: the pope, the man.) which portrayed Karol's life as Pope from his papal inauguration to his death.

This was very successful, and I really enjoy watching it because it showed the life of this Polish that was so charismatic for many people, from his youth to his death. What I like most about Karol is that it shows the perspective of the life of this man and how the times were changing (for example, the fall of communism) along with his age.

Karol 1
Karol 5
Karol 4
Karol 11
Karol 12
Karol 10
Karol 3
Karol 7
Karol 8
Karol 6
Karol 9

2- Die Päpstin
Die Päpstin 2

I've told about this movie before. This is one of my favorite movies because no matter how much I watch at it, I just enjoy watching at it over and over again without getting bored.
Maybe I like it because the story is given from the perspective of a very intelligent woman. You know that religions and women never got along very well...

I don´t want to give much detail of this film because I've written about it before, so I'll just tell you to look at it! I just warn you, the end is a completely shit haha

Die Päpstin 5
Die Päpstin 7
Die Päpstin 10
Die Päpstin 6
Die Päpstin 3
Die Päpstin 4
Die Päpstin 1
Die Päpstin 8
Die Päpstin 9

3- The Young Pope
theyoungope 8

This is a more recent serie and you can find it on HBO.
I fell in love with that pope. Sorry, I must say it.
Look at him! handsome, not so old but not so young either. Something childish but the truth is that he´s a very dark person who lives by questioning his belief to God.

The serie is excellent. The costumes are soooo damn perfect and elegant, the scenes are ingenious and the actor (Jude Law) adds extra points to watch it.

theyoungope 1
theyoungope 7
theyoungope 10
theyoungope 9
theyoungope 6
theyoungope 5
theyoungope 29
theyoungope 12
theyoungope 13
theyoungope 3
theyoungope 2
theyoungope 19
theyoungope 11

4- The Borgias
the borgias 1

It was impossible not to mention the Borgias.
Jeremy John Irons is one of my favorite actors along with Alan Rickman (rest in peace my love)
It´s a very long serie, so you must have patience to watch at it.

For those who have seen this serie, there is not much to say. For those who haven't yet seen it, let me tell you that it´s about a powerful family and religion corruption in between.

the borgias 4
the borgias 3
the borgias 7
the borgias 8
the borgias 2
the borgias 5
the borgias 9
the borgias 10
the borgias 6

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