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lonesnowgirl 1


Hello pequeños engendros!
I finally have the time to make a new post on my blog! yay!


Today I want to show you guys the art of a beautiful girl. I love her drawings, I love her style, and...I love all of her creations!!
Her "name" is Alice Snow, but you can also find her with the nick of ´lonesnow´~
Alice Snow 1

I found about her through instagram and I fell in love with her account!
I immediately liked her illustrations! Not to mention her style, she dresses very well!
Alice Snow 5
Alice Snow 11
Alice Snow 9
Alice Snow 10
Alice Snow 8
Alice Snow 13
Alice Snow 16
Alice Snow 15


She also makes stickers and brooches too!
lonesnowgirl 35

Another thing that she does is to rebuild dolls ~ She has made a book that I really want to have in my hands
lonesnowgirl 36
lonesnowgirl 38
lonesnowgirl 37
lonesnowgirl 30

I don´t really have much to say, you can see more about Alice by visiting her Instagram account and if you want to buy any of her products don't forget to visit her etsy account!
lonesnowgirl 0

Now... spam of her art!

lonesnowgirl 34
lonesnowgirl 31
lonesnowgirl 6
lonesnowgirl 8
lonesnowgirl 27
lonesnowgirl 3
lonesnowgirl 9
lonesnowgirl 2
lonesnowgirl 4
lonesnowgirl 7
lonesnowgirl 5
lonesnowgirl 12
lonesnowgirl 16
lonesnowgirl 13
lonesnowgirl 17
lonesnowgirl 14
lonesnowgirl 10
lonesnowgirl 11
lonesnowgirl 15
lonesnowgirl 22
lonesnowgirl 23
lonesnowgirl 26
lonesnowgirl 33
lonesnowgirl 24
lonesnowgirl 21
lonesnowgirl 29
lonesnowgirl 28
lonesnowgirl 20

I have many drafts (seriously I have a huge amount of drafts to edit and publish) but I don´t have much time to edit them, I will try to be more active in my summer holidays!


Until then, bye-bye!!



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