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Hola pequeños engendros!
Today I wanna show you guys a tag about TEA!
I´m a tea lover, I really enjoy drinking all kinds of tea so this tag is perfect for me.

I took the idea from here: http://www.shoutjohn.co.uk/2015/06/the-tea-tag.html

Enough talk !


Hot or cold?
I prefer hot! (I you know what I mean. Okno)

hot tea

Strong or weak?
Weak, I can´t stand strong tea at all.

Loose leaf or tea bag?
Both but I usually have tea bags rather than loose leaf.

Do you buy your tea or steep at home?
I buy it because lazy.

Favourite cold tea?
I like to drink cold tea only if it is tropical fruit tea, white tea wirh red fruits and lemon tea (with a lot of ice and a slice of lemon too)

Favourite hot tea?
Green tea!! best of the best and always my number 1.
But I also like banana tea and jasmine tea.


When do you like to drink your tea?
All the time. I'm obsessed with tea. I drink it at morning, afternoon and night! haha!
Oh yeah, I NEED to drink tea after eating.


What do you like in your tea?
Lemon. And I hate sugar on it.

Have you always liked tea?
Nope, at first I drank too much coffee but It caused me acidity so I stopped drinking the damn coffee.

What tea do you recommend?
Green Tea with chamomile & orange peel!!
Also Jasmine and green tea!
They are quite weak but soooooo goooood

Green Tea with chamomile orange peel2
Green Tea with chamomile orange peel
Jasmine and green tea

Do you have a favourite brand of tea?
I don´t have one... I have many!! The first tea brand is called "Inti Zen" and the second one it´s called "Saint.Gottard"
Both from Argentina.


Least favourite tea?
Blueberry tea and Orange with cinnamon & anise tea!
They are too strong for my taste, and very sweet !!


Is there a particular snack/food you like to eat with your tea?
I like to accompany my tea with fruit, usually an apple or banana with cinnamon.
Sometimes I like to eat dried fruits and nuts.
In winter I prefer only two or three sweet biscuits


What is your favourite mug?
My "I love London" mug!
Before I drank my tea in a tiny tea cup but I drink tea in large quantities so I decided to buy a big mug.

I love London mug
tiny teacup

Before I forget, this is my tea box that was a gift from my dear friend Lizzie, thank you again, darling! It was a very useful gift !!



That´s all!

If you do the same tag, tell me! I'll read it without problems.





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