OMG It has been a long time that I don´t post something about net idols/chinese girl/ fzl right?
Well, let´s begin with more of this kind of post that I always liked and because you know, my blog was originally created for the Fei Zhu Liu and chinese styles.
I don´t have the time like the previous years but I´ll try to update.

Remeber, I´m going to show you guys a lot of pretty girls that I usually follow on Sina Weibo you know about my stalker side ehehe and a lot of Taobao stores with a lot of cute clothes that thanks to my poverty I don´t have.


小小小小Cccccccccc 12
小小小小Cccccccccc 9
小小小小Cccccccccc 5
小小小小Cccccccccc 20
小小小小Cccccccccc 6
小小小小Cccccccccc 8
小小小小Cccccccccc 7
小小小小Cccccccccc 10
小小小小Cccccccccc 19
小小小小Cccccccccc 14
小小小小Cccccccccc 11
小小小小Cccccccccc 2
小小小小Cccccccccc 1
小小小小Cccccccccc 3
小小小小Cccccccccc 4
小小小小Cccccccccc 15
小小小小Cccccccccc 18
小小小小Cccccccccc 16



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