sleeping in reality

It was late at night and I was having supper with my mum, but that day she looked somewhat strange.
I couldn't tell exactly what was happening with her, but she looked somewhat lost in her thoughts and she acted very cold towards me; she didn't even talk at all to me! So I thought that maybe she was worried about something, but I didn´t give much importance to it.
After supper, I did my homework and went to bed.
I turned out the light and I prepared myself to sleep but I couldn't.
The reason of why I couldn’t ‘sleep was because I felt that someone was watching me as I tried to sleep, and in the end I didn't sleep at all.
So instead of sleeping, to distract my mind I read a book.
The next morning, I went to the bathroom to wash my face, and then I went to the kitchen to make myself a coffee.
I didn't sleep at all last night and I felt extremely tired.
It was 10:00 a.m. and I didn't see my mum in the kitchen. It was strange because she would get up early and had breakfast with me.
Anyway I gave no importance to it because perhaps she was still sleeping.
I went to my room to try to get some sleep. I had afternoon classes but I decided not to attend because I was very, very tired.
Then I heard my mum yell my name from downstairs, so I got up and started to head down. As I got to the stairs, my mum pulled me into her room and said "I heard that, too."
I stared at her for a few seconds without saying anything, and suddenly the phone rang.
I reacted immediately, and quietly answered the phone not even saying a word to my mum.
To my surprise it was my mum! Telling me that she would get home late because while she went shopping, she remembered she had to get some books from the bookstore.
I was in a state of shock ... if my mother was not at home, then who was the one with me at that time?
I paled, and then I looked at my supposed mother, who owned a big smile on her face.
From that moment, everything happened very fast. I was afraid, very confused and sweating... I couldn't tell what was happening. The only thing I could do was to close my eyes.
From one moment to another, I heard my mother was saying my name repeatelly over and over again.
"Wake up," she said.
In front of me was my mum with the shopping bags, and I was lying on the kitchen table.
Then I thought, of course! I fell asleep.
It was all a dream, I couldn't sleep all night and I slept in the kitchen while I was making my coffee.
Or at least I wanted to think that, because that was too real.




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