J-Fashion Inspiration: My Top 5 of Japanese models~

Hello pequeños engendros u3u
This entry is about my top 5 of japanese models that I like and they also are my inspo in general fashion!

Ok, now let´s start!

1- Nakamura Risa (Risa Doll)


Recently she has become a strong model figure for me if we speak about fashion and style.
I also think that she influence a lot on young Japanese girls with that thinking of to be a woman with elegance but without leaving the girly side. I mean, she is so cute but at the same time she is really sexy and I like that combination..
Just look at her!! she is like a doll!! a real human doll!!

Risa Doll 5
Risa Doll 9
Risa Doll 6
Risa Doll 17
Risa Doll 1
Risa Doll 8
Risa Doll 15
Risa Doll 4
Risa Doll 18
Risa Doll 14
Risa Doll 13
Risa Doll 16
Risa Doll 19
Risa Doll 10

2- Kato Nana (Katou-chan)
oww she is so adorable~ and she has a baby face like me xD
Really, she is super adorable!!! I do not know, I just like her baby face hahaha

Nana Katou 11
Nana Katou 3
Nana Katou 19
Nana Katou 21
Nana Katou 14
Nana Katou 1
Nana Katou 2
Nana Katou 10
Nana Katou 18
Nana Katou 16
Nana Katou 20
Nana Katou 8
Nana Katou 7

Well well well, my precious Amo. Now she is a mother and we do not see her around the japanese fashion like a few years before... but she still is very important inspiration in fashion for me and many girls. I like her makeup, her pastel-style and well, I just like her very much.
AMO japanese model 3
AMO japanese model 1
AMO japanese model 4
AMO japanese model 39
AMO japanese model 40
AMO japanese model 47
AMO japanese model 2
AMO japanese model 48
AMO japanese model 38
AMO japanese model 31
AMO japanese model 13
AMO japanese model 14
AMO japanese model 12
AMO japanese model 5
AMO japanese model 7
AMO japanese model 15
AMO japanese model 11
AMO japanese model 17
AMO japanese model 49

4-Seto Ayumi
I like her style, her makeup, her hair, her everything! Someday I would like to buy her clothing line.
seto ayumi 1
seto ayumi 7
seto ayumi 2
seto ayumi 5
seto ayumi 4
seto ayumi 8
seto ayumi 10
seto ayumi 11
seto ayumi 9
seto ayumi 6
seto ayumi 3

5-Tina Tamashiro
And finally Tina!
She is very feminine and she has a touch of elegance in her face(?)
She can wear simple things in her way and she still looks great without being simple at all!!

Tina Tamashiro 9
Tina Tamashiro 3
Tina Tamashiro 1
Tina Tamashiro 4
Tina Tamashiro 5
Tina Tamashiro 2
Tina Tamashiro 10
Tina Tamashiro 11
Tina Tamashiro 12
Tina Tamashiro 8
Tina Tamashiro 7
Tina Tamashiro 6

That´s all!
I know that perhaps you known to most of the models that I mentioned~

I will make a TOP 5 of my other models (with other nationalities) in a near future!





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