Top 10 of Instagram Accounts: ARGENTINA.

Hola pequeños engendros

Heyeyey(´∀`*;)ゞ this time I want to show you guys some Instagram accounts that I follow and they are kind of my favorites & the ones I visit most often.

This time will be people from Argentina(っ^ω^)っ yay! My own homeland!

Next time perhaps will be people from Mexico, Japan, Korea or England, I don´t know yet! /(^o^)\




julisantinins 2
This account is from a clothing store called Juli Santini. From the moment I knew of its existence I couldn't stop visiting it and I´m always aware of the updates. The style of clothing that this store sells is so Larme-kei like! Many pastel colours, elegant yet casual, also feminine, romantic and charming. Juli Santini is a girl who started her entrepreneurship as a clothes seller around 2006. Her clients as well as her strore grows day by day. Unfortunately I never had the opportunity to buy clothes from there, but I don´t lose hope that someday I will.
julisantinins 7
julisantinins 6
julisantinins 5
julisantinins 8
julisantinins 3
julisantinins 4
julisantinins 1

belubarrague 1
Belén Barragué is another entrepreneur and passionate fashionista from Argentina. She is the founder of her own brand sotre called Sofia de Grecia (2008-2017.) I knew about her thanks to youtube. Her story made me to encourage to see more and more of her work, and of course, visit as much as I can her Instagram updates. She, like Juli Santini, started from the lowest to climb up to the top of the chasm. I really like her attitude, she has a positive energy that emanates even without being next to her. Her motto is "Live Your Dreams" something that she could undoubtedly achieve with great effort. Sofia de Grecia was so successful that even it has several stores in Argentina and Chile. She started with only 150 Argentine pesos, and look at it now!
belubarrague 3
belubarrague 7
belubarrague 2
belubarrague 4
belubarrague 5
belubarrague 6

mentaylunares 6
Paula Amenta is a musician and art lover. This last one is quite obvious since her instagram account is without doubt pure art. Her photos have the same range of colours, the compositions are simple but It also have something special that makes them complex and more elaborate than they really are. I don´t have much to say about this account, her pictures say quite a lot.
mentaylunares 9
mentaylunares 1
mentaylunares 3
mentaylunares 4
mentaylunares 2
mentaylunares 7
mentaylunares 10
mentaylunares 5

sentimentaliss 5
Candelaria Fernandez, better known by her pseudonym Sentimentaliss on Instagram, is a young aspiring artist from Buenos Aires. I enjoy seeing her photos, they have an aesthetic that I really like. As I have mentioned with @mentaylunares, you need to see her work because her photos say quite a lot without any words in between.
sentimentaliss 7
sentimentaliss 8
sentimentaliss 9
sentimentaliss 11
sentimentaliss 3
sentimentaliss 4
sentimentaliss 6
sentimentaliss 1

el_efectodoppler 1
Carli Bizuard is an argentinian model from Mar del Plata. As a nude model, she expresses the acceptance of the human body and of the self-love, stripping the taboo of shame and modesty of the society. I should also point out that she reminds me of the French actress Jeanne Goupil in her youth.
el_efectodoppler 7
el_efectodoppler 3
el_efectodoppler 6
el_efectodoppler 5
el_efectodoppler 2
el_efectodoppler 4

jenn_fti 1
Jenn is a musician and clothing designer yes another one She´s also a blogger at http://www.lunenocturne.com She has many followers on Instagram because of her style! A style between the grunge and gothic. She´s the most fashionista person I have seen so far in Argentina. And she looks like those people from tumblr! haha!
jenn_fti 4
jenn_fti 5
jenn_fti 3
jenn_fti 2
jenn_fti 10
jenn_fti 7
jenn_fti 9
jenn_fti 6
jenn_fti 8
jenn_fti 9

intravenous_sugar 2
Another fashion blogger! I must say that I follow more her blog than her Instagram account lol She's a big Harry Potter fan and the best of all, a Slytherin lke me! Her name is Juliana but she´s better known as Lessie. Her Instagram account also handles a range of colours similar to Jenn's: in black, white and some opaque colours.
intravenous_sugar 7
intravenous_sugar 1
intravenous_sugar 3
intravenous_sugar 4
intravenous_sugar 9

_vroue_ 1
I don´t know much about her ... I think she's a model, but I don't know exactly. What I know if that she's pretty and I like her photos! Haha
_vroue_ 2
_vroue_ 3
_vroue_ 4
_vroue_ 9
_vroue_ 7
_vroue_ 8
_vroue_ 6
_vroue_ 5

nrr esxz 6

I don´t know much about this person either ... I just know that she calls herself as Naru and that she really likes pastel colours. Her style is very nymphet lolita like.
nrr esxz 5
nrr esxz 8
nrr esxz 10
nrr esxz 7
nrr esxz 9
nrr esxz 2
nrr esxz 11
nrr esxz 12
nrr esxz 1

mini cherub 6
And the last account I will show. I like this account for a main reason: More than its photographic content, It interests me the description of each photo, what the owner of such an account expresses. It´s a kind of digital diary with photos according to the moment. I really like it and I always visit it.
mini cherub 5
mini cherub 7
mini cherub 2
mini cherub 3
mini cherub 1
mini cherub 4


That´s all fot now! see u engendritos




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