England is the largest country in Great Britain and most of the people live in the capital city, London.

Other important cities are:




England comes from Englaland, or land of the Engles (Angles). Angles comes from the old German world for angels.


Some icons that are symbolic of botch old and modern British life and culture:

List of cultural icons of England from Wikipedia.

Map and Flag
England as a part of Great Britain
great britain map

The flag of England is derived from St George's Cross


A multilingual london:
More than 300 languages are spoken, and it makes London the most linguistically diverse city in the world. Although English is the most common language, one in three children hears or speaks a language that is not English when they are at home.

English Spelling:
Have you ever noticed that don´t always say English words in the same way as you write them?
English spelling and pronunciation can be very unpredictable. This is because English is a mixture of lots of differents languages.
In the past, invading peoples brought words from their own languages to English and when Britain became a colonial power English "stole" or adapted many foreign words.
Now, thanks to immigration and mass media such as TV and the Internet, words from all over the world are used in English.

Also, the technology has brought a new way of writing, like the use of text messages or in social networks, changing the language they use.
For exameple:
"HP go 2 skool. HP uncvrs plt bi Vldemrt 2 cum bk. HP stps Vldemrt. End. Pace"

It refers of Harry Potter, if you're wondering.


England lifestyles


Football, or soccer as it is also called, is England´s national sport.
Many English people claim that football was invented in England but nobody is really sure where the game originated.
The Romans probably football to England but the game didn´t become popular until the 12th century when many people played this sport in the street. This early form of the game had no rules and was often violent, so in the 15th century the Street Football was eventually banned in England because it was very dangerous.
Modern football began in the 19th century when it was played in public schools and universities. In the 1863 the Football Association wrote a series of rules to define the game and in 1885 clubs started playing their players and professional football started.

The England national football team

Racism in sports:

"Kit it Out" is a campaign to kick racism out of football and is present in professional and amateur clubs,iIn schools and the community in order to stop racism from spoiling the sport.
Racism is still a big problem in football and ethnic players are often the subject of racist chants.
Kit it Out campaign
Clifford Oliver has written three plays about football and prejudice, the "Football Trilogy" (Kicking Out, Ooh Aah Showab Khan and My England).

About books:

Young people in England have favorite leisure and activities such reading. Teenangers read ten books for pleasure each year!
After the success of the Harry Potter books, publishers have realised that there is big money in books for young people.

Harry Potter books

Are many websites to review books, for example, https://www.goodreads.com/.

"The practice of leaving a book in a public place to be picked up and read by others who then do likewise."
(from the Concise Oxford English Dictionary).

Bookcrossing is the largest book club in the world, and the term comes from the website http://www.bookcrossing.com/ which was started in 2001. The idea is that after you´ve read a good book you release it into others, and people register their books on the site before they release them so each book has its own special ID.

A short history of England

A little about the United Kingdom



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