☆Hana Tam☆

譚杏藍 Hana Tam,暱稱小花
唱作歌手,演員,youtube creator等等等等等
Instagram :hanatam
有關工作查詢,請wtsapp (852)6899-2581 找ck

hanatam 1

I always wanted to talk about this girl !!
She´s Hana Tam, a Chinese writer, singer, actress, with a pretty smile and soul~
I knew about her through youtube and her videos and I like this girl IMMEDIATELY and her humor!~ she´s so funny!

She does many different things: sing, play guitar, makeup, outfits and fashion, hairstyles, review of product, travel, etc~

I have already mentioned her in another post about my favorite Chinese and Taiwanese youtubers: Top of Chinese & Taiwanese youtubers

I really recommend watching her videos and if you don´t understand Chinese it doesn't matter!, she is very cute and entertaining!

Finally, as usual, I gonna post many pictures of this pretty creature

Until next time!

hanatam 9
hanatam 12
hanatam 16
hanatam 15
hanatam 21
hanatam 35
hanatam 30
hanatam 37
hanatam 26
hanatam 8
hanatam 7
hanatam 6
hanatam 11
hanatam 23
hanatam 40
hanatam 39
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