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Hello little engendros

OK... I don´t know why I didn't mention about her before...
I mean, I fucking love her!! hahaha imcreepyashellbutisthetrueimsorrygur

All started when I saw two or three pictures of her on tumblr, but unfortunately I didn´t know who she was! (no tag on the photos and came from ordinary accounts).


Then one day I saw a new picture of this pretty and sexy girl and it had a tag:
"nah"xD and yes! it turned the tumblr account of the original girl that I was looking for, and also I was able to know her instagram :)

I don´t know nothing about her, I only know that she´s "Amy" and her nick is "ilovebrucewillis".


I really really love her style, she has a style like 90´s with modern touch!

Needless to say that she´s a very very beautiful and sexy, her lips are glorious! and her freckles combined very well with her asian eyes

I don't know what else to say, I simply adore her and I stalk her a lot

You knew about her? or at least, have you seen her pictures somewhere?

I will end this post leaving many of her photos, and you will be able to see the perfection of this girl!

ilovebrucewillis 36
ilovebrucewillis 51
ilovebrucewillis 31
ilovebrucewillis 13
ilovebrucewillis 50
ilovebrucewillis 27
ilovebrucewillis 29
ilovebrucewillis 28
ilovebrucewillis 14
ilovebrucewillis 23
ilovebrucewillis 25
ilovebrucewillis 30
ilovebrucewillis 39
ilovebrucewillis 11
ilovebrucewillis 12
ilovebrucewillis 35
ilovebrucewillis 33
ilovebrucewillis 32
ilovebrucewillis 40
ilovebrucewillis 38
ilovebrucewillis 10
ilovebrucewillis 1
ilovebrucewillis 2
ilovebrucewillis 24
ilovebrucewillis 26
ilovebrucewillis 43
ilovebrucewillis 44
ilovebrucewillis 45
ilovebrucewillis 47
ilovebrucewillis 49
ilovebrucewillis 42
ilovebrucewillis 48
ilovebrucewillis 3





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