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Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ http://bella-betsy.taobao.com

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I really like this store !!
if you're used to buying from taobao I really recommend taking a look at Bella Betsy
But well, I've never bought there ... I would love, and I gladly would do a review of that store and I would be a regular customer! haha
Their products are from sailor dresses, clothes with some transparent or light fabrics, a lot of pink, blue and white! and t-shirts with japanese-chinese lyrics or kinda
There are also some Dollfies, although I don't´know if those dolls are for sale.... they´re so lovely !!

If you've already bought at Bella Betsy leave me a comment on your experience and/or review!

Slome examples of products....


BellaBetsy 35
BellaBetsy 23
BellaBetsy 33
BellaBetsy 38
BellaBetsy 37
BellaBetsy 6
BellaBetsy 36
BellaBetsy 12
BellaBetsy 5
BellaBetsy 4
BellaBetsy 16
BellaBetsy 15
BellaBetsy 31
BellaBetsy 32
BellaBetsy 20
BellaBetsy 19
BellaBetsy 17
BellaBetsy 18
BellaBetsy 21
BellaBetsy 22
BellaBetsy 34


BellaBetsy 1
BellaBetsy 13
BellaBetsy 7
BellaBetsy 8
BellaBetsy 11
BellaBetsy 14
BellaBetsy 9
BellaBetsy 3
BellaBetsy 28
BellaBetsy 25
BellaBetsy 27
BellaBetsy 29
BellaBetsy 30




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