"The meaning of feeling" (ロロ・ランペルージ) CODE GEASS


I know I'm a replacement and I have to obey, basically: obey.
I was born just for that.
But I never had in mind that something changed in me, or rather, someone to make me change.
Pretending ... so easy.
Someone like me, with no goals, no friends, no family, no sense that life will see more than just obeying orders ..
Until HE appeared.
Our meeting was planned, however, our union was one simple fact.

I´m Not sure if I'm doing well, and, I'm not sure if this is a hoax.

I have fear.

Been a while since I had a feeling like that, or more, I've never actually had.

I. .. Does having fear?

I, someone that is easy to take the life to another human being, in any form and at any time.
I, a person who has never known the happiness.

I can kill anyone, even if it's a child.
I have no pity, because I have never known the true meaning of life.

Wanting to protect, love and be loved .. I've never felt it.

Be afraid .. Whether good or bad, I do not understand.


I don´t know.

but I know one thing..
I know of The simple fact that he ignored me,and it hurts.

I´m aware that I´m a replacement and the obedience is essential in me.
Still, I want to protect him .. even if it means breaking the rules and stop being obedient.

Somehow .. I'll protect you.



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