☾ Sailor Moon Crystal ☽ / ☼☀☼Free! Eternal Summer☼☀☼ (2014)

Hi! long time no see!

recently has come two new animes that I've waited for this year (are many releases this year!!)

I have not written any post on my blog for a few months, so I want to talk a little about my opinion of these two series.

you know, I´m a fan of KUROSHITSUJI and this year is crazzzzzzzzzzzy: A new movie, a new season, and still follows the manga! I think there will be OVAS, I hope so!
But forget about kuroshitsuji for now, I'll review the first chapter when it comes out (and perhaps the movie idk)

so, you know about PRETTY GUARDIAN SAILOR MOON ?

『美少女戦士セーラームーン Crystal』

smc 6

How can I start? mmm
well, I have to say that I REALLY LOVE THE OPENING AND THE ENDING THEME!!!!!! omg just wwwwwoooow

really, I like like LIKE Moonlight Densetsu but the new song is so catchy! the ending is so lovely ~~

What I like about SMC?:


Sailor Moon Crystal OP / Opening - "Moon Pride"『美少

Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Crystal ED / Ending (2014)

MAMORU xDD omg he´s so handsome nowww (I mean, he´s handsome in the 90s style but now is just PAPITO/? :v)

Serena is still that stupid and crybaby girl!! yep!!
smc 5
smc 4

the beginning is so beautiful, this part:
smc 3

I missed those two ♥

smc 8



What I don´t like about SMC?.....

what about the transformation?
smc 1
smc 9
smc 7
smc 10


well, is not bad but... I don´t know... I don´t really like the new style of transformation BUT I think this "new" Serena is very cute, pretty and looks really elegant and I like that!! the only thing that I DON´T LIKE is her ayes and the long long and more long hair ... just, seriously?? ¬¬ if she didn't have much long hair spilled would be better!!! -.-
also I don´t like this new Luna
I loveeeee Luna! but just no :( looks deformed
(I guess the drawing manga is similar haha)

but I cannot complain, I still want to keep seeing the new 2014 version! the good thing is that the new version keeps almost absolute loyalty of the manga!

ohhh and I´m waiting for SAILOR MERCURY!! I LOVE THAT GIRL!

the first chapter is so good! akdsd
smc 2

What Can I say? just ENJOY! please, is just an animation, right.
changes always come, don´t try to settle for just one thing or things, conformism is a bad thing to maintain (even in this century where changes are so common and successive).
I´m not trying to say that you have to like this new version of Sailor Moon, nope! it´s ok if you don´t like SMC and you prefer the 90s SM! but, you have to know to give opportunities! In addition, this new anime of sailor moon is to commemorate the many years that people followed and supported the serie!


Now How about Free!?

『Free!-Eternal Summer-』



I have to say that I was very excited for Free!
Finally Rin´s with his friends!

It started very common like the first season

but the surprise was .....

there will be a new character!!

he looks like a cousin of Makoto kkk

I didn´t like the OP/ED theme....but it was cute to see the picture of them as children

and the Haru male-mermaid!


I don´t have much to say about the first episode, it was good! I missed the Free-team!

at first it was very hilarious, Haru always trying to the water so poetically! xD

without hesitation I will continue the entire serie of the new season





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