(Inglés/英語) ~Jyoou no Kyoushitsu~ "女王の教室 (じょおうのきょうしつ)": The Queen's Classroom

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Genre: School, Human Life.

"This story is about elementary school children who challenge a devilish teacher."

A new school year begins at Hanzaki Elementary School and there's a new mysterious teacher named Maya Akutsu (Yuki Amami) in grade 6, class 3.
The students realize that Maya Akutsu never smiles at them and treats them mercilessly.
A year 1 year battle then ensues between Maya Akutsu, who rules her classroom like a queen, and the students of grade 6, class 3.


ohh, is a great drama!

the first time when I heard about this drama, Ipm not paying attention and did not really interested to see a type of drama which is in a school setting and with none of the typical romance as in manga xDDD (pure sincerity lol)
then, a few days ago I wantd to relax, and I preferred to look at something to entertain me.
I do not usually watch anime, I do very very little. and I had nothing in mind to read manga.
then I decided to watch some drama.
I always prefer Japanese dramas!
are crazy, weird, and all you want, but entertain me quite pretty!
there were two versions of "the queen's classroom", Japanese and Korean.
without offending anyone's tastes, so I never liked Korean dramas, everything is very modern and beautiful but lack that "something" that exaggerated Japanese dramas make me feel.

anyways, watch at the first chapter.
and .. WOW.
was like when you read a book, start with the first page and want to keep reading all the other chapters
of history!
exactly like that!

I thought then, "will be a typical story of manga, where the teacher is evil but with good intentions inside"
and was xD
but do not try to superimpose all, the drama will take you to much that maybe, like me, do not taste good,
and explores to what would be "a good teacher", "a good student", "a good father", "a good person".

the first chapters will show you how it was that teacher before becoming the akuma sensei(?
as she had to open her eyes and then teach their students the same.
open your eyes.
repeats many times, "please open your eyes"

open your eyes to the situations of life, open your eyes to the world but not closed them and be a person without values​​, a coward or a person criminal.

after the process of living the life and open their own eyes, the teacher is willing to change their teaching methods.


without giving much spoiler, the "simplicity" of the methods are that students work hard, be obedient.
military child xDDDDDDDD

she makes a critique of public schools, and the problems it can be very typical in those schools, such as bullying.
She tells them that, as a product of public schools, will struggle to get anything at all, and most of them will end up as ordinary people.
of course, it is about the system of JAPANESE public schools where bullying is as typical as suicide and social status of each person.

also criticizes those people who go to private schools, where their lives seem to be perfect, with a good job and status, which have privileges, but make no effort at all in their lives and are often scam people or those who "work" for the money and do not care about love.

I MUST applaud this drama, to much that I've seen one!
this left many messages to me that perhaps I did not realize, such as being coward before certain situations (no,not bullying to me,don´t think something like that xDDD)
I also applaud the actress who plays the role of teacher. is veery good acting! changing role of good, of abused, as a mother, wife, teacher of evil and a person with emotions but that should not show that teacher to become evil.
I loved it, just love both the drama and the woman xDDD

I admit that made me cry a lot, you never think that a school and life drama like that will make you cry so much but be prepared for the tissues! I am hyper sensitive to the dramas and cry for little things, but this has left me a sea of ​​tears xDD

whether the drama is somewhat exaggerated and unreal because a teacher could never be as good as her, and also so evil xD because if it were equal and I did the things she did for students to open their eyes, I could eat a good cute parental judgment and bye title xD aahahaha also depends on the society and families as they are each students.

It made an impression on my heart.
It makes me question the human race and the attitude that we are entitled to everything we want.

not much else to say, I invite you to watch the drama!

here two phases I liked it alot ~

Of course there are going to be worries in life. The important things are not losing confidence, not paying attention to rumours and not hurting others. For example nobody knows what happens when people die. There are people who say that you go to heaven if you listen to what they say and go to hell if you don’t. That’s just nonsense. Nobody has been there so how do they know? There’s no point in pretending you know something and then trying to persuade other people. Instead think more about the present. Can you picture it? We are surrounded by many beautiful things. Million of stars shine in the night sky. A small butterfly might eagerly fly by your side. If you go into the street your ears might become filled with the sound of a new song. You might meet a wonderful person. As you gaze at ordinary scenery, there will be many sudden surprises as time flows. Open you eyes and gaze at these important things. Clear your ears and listen. Feel it with your entire body. That’s what it means to be alive.
— Akutsu sensei

Studying is noto something you have to do. It’s something you should want to do. In the future you’ll come across a lot of things you won’t know or comprehend. Beautiful things, fun things, mysterious things. You’ll see many such things. When tha happens you’ll want to know more. Humans naturally want to study. People who are neither curious nor inquisitive are not humans.
If you don’t try to understand the world you live in, then what can you do? No matter how much you study, there will always be things you won’t understand. In this world there are plenty of adults who pretend to knoe everything. They are just liars. Whether it’s getting into a good college or getting into a good company, if you study then you can do anything. The moment you lose your curoisity is the moment you become as good as dead. Studiyng it’ not something you do to pass tests it’s something you do to become a great person

— Akutsu sensei

not disappoint me at all, I give the drama 100 points :B



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