A little introduction(^▽^)

Hello dear!

My real name is a secret hhuhwuh but I am Ciel for you -because Ciel Phantomhive is my favorite character-

I´m VIP! (fan of BigBang) and I have a wife named Eva Cheung (she doesn´t know it but she is mine +_+) , my second wife is Amy ~
I´m very diverse in tastes like music or fashion, and other things.
My hobbies are reading books, mangas (japanese comics but also korean and chinese comics), listen to music, draw, stalking people coz I can and I want to.

On my blog I wanna talk about random things, reviews, about manga and books and a few animes, but especially about the net idols or the chinese fashion (actually fashion in general but I am more specific in Chinese fashion or the Fei Zhu liu).

What else can I say?... mmm, well, I from Argentina! I was born on April 27 (1995), in a simple but pretty town.

I am studying the Standard/British English but the fact is that I don't know what to do to survive in this life.
I like the languages and the general culture! I want to travel a lot but unfortunately I do not have the financial means for that (at least for now).
Also I am really interested in the art (photography and fashion specifically).
My favorite colours are black, dark/navy blue and violet.
I have a serious obsession with the sailor theme.
When I was a little creature I started to read thanks to Robert Louis Stevenson and his book " Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde".
I am fascinated by the ancient culture and history.

I have to remind you that I am a very varied person with varied tastes and knowledge.

I hope you enjoy here~


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