Vegetarian And Vegan Dish Ideas: B R E A K F A S T


Tea + Snacks (something like biscuits or cereal bar.)
Yogurt, (with Cerea, Seedsl or Fruits.)
Mixed fruit smoothies
Plant-based Milks (Soy, Almond, Oat, Rice or Walnut milk) + dry fruits and cereal
Fruits (varied) with lemon juice on top + Ginger tea
Waffles (could be of rice, oats or banana) + chia seeds on top
liquefied oatmeal
Whole wheat bread with butter and jam
Strawberry milk
Tea + banana and cinnamon on top
Coffee + British Pudding
Green tea + nuts / other peanuts
Banana Hot Cakes
Coffee + French toast with butter and quinoa seeds on top
Tea + a piece of white chocolate
Fluffy Japanese Pancakes + Dulce de leche
Oatmeal cookies without flour
Lemon Pie
Coffee Cake
Carrot cake
Beet lemonade
Green smoothie
Peanut butter sandwich




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